cheap office lunch ideas that are Delicious.


Cheap healthy Lunch Ideas are the best way to stay healthy and physically fit in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The following are cheap office lunch ideas:
Variety Plate
It is possible to create healthy and delicious lunch by beautifully arrange nuts, meats, fruit, and cheese on your plate. For example, you can chop canned tuna, deli turkey, chicken breast or lean beef, into slices, and serve it with bunches of blueberries or cubes of pear and apple. Fat-free cheeses such as low-fat cottage cheese could be used, but try to avoid cream cheese and whole milk cheese. For your energy need, bits of pita bread or some wheat crackers could be included.
When it comes to salads, there is an endless number of variations that you can have. In fact, salads usually are not expensive. They could be assembled from various kinds of fresh ingredients from your fridge. For example, you can include nutritious green leaves such as mustard, lettuce and spinach leaves besides raw vegetables like capsicum, broccoli, cucumbers, and carrots. It is okay to include some calorie-rich but nutritious additions such as chopped walnuts. Ensure that you are careful when selecting salad dressing as it may add the most significant part calories to your mixture.
In addition to these the three main dishes above for lunch, it is fine to have a snack that will give a little more fuel to keep you on going.